About Us

It all started with a woman and her journey with sensitive skin. We all know how sensitive skin and our favorite products can cause issues sometimes, from break outs to even allergic reactions (YIKES)! Unfortunately, a lot of skincare and beauty products for sensitive skin are really expensive and leave your pockets hurting so you can't feel and look the best you can. This is where we came to save the day!


You should be able to take care of all your self-care needs with products that are affordable AND good for your skin. This is why this company has started and we hope to fulfill all your needs, sensitive skin or just needing a little love.


And remember, everything we do is With Love.


Christina Rigolizzo

Owner & CEO


As a Camden, New Jersey native, Christina has always strived for big dreams that just never seemed to come true. Between working full time, being an active performer for a National Performance Team, helping to curate poetry events and being a poet herself, left Christina's skin... well tired. Product after product, it seems like everything would always get a reaction or it was just too expensive for the "healthy and organic" products. She always had passions in the cosmetic world and started to create her own products that could be affordable and great for your skin! At 24, she created a way for everyone to able to feel good while nourishing their skin and repairing it without the big bucks involved.


Join in on the journey of Self-Care, Good Vibes and Always WITH LOVE.